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Hoarding Food is Illegal...

... at least, that's what I've been reading. According to some sources, USA federal government has laws on the books, since Clinton, about stashing food. Some local/state governments too.I'm curious - Mormons require a year's worth of food to be stored. Would they be exempt for religious reasons? If so, are there any other religions that would be exempt?

Here's a few links about food hoarding regulations:
This link: has excellent detailed information and is absolutely unbelievable. I'm still reeling. Basically, it says that at any time FEMA declares a National Emergency, they can authorize the seizure of our assets, our food, our homes, our farms, our money, our schoolbooks/schools, our medicines, and even our persons for forced work.

Have we really become a Police State/Nation?

Personally, we've recently begun to buy lots of rice, but not just to store because prices may rise later. We buy it because I grind it into flour to make foods for my gluten-intolerant child. And we use the rice to make rice milk for my lactose-intolerant Hubby. And, we just like to eat rice. One 25-pound bag now lasts us just a little over 1 month. (From 4 months last year to a little over a month - wow!) So, if someone storms our house and sees six or ten 25-pound bags of rice in our pantry, would we be accused of food hoarding? They can take our three chickens, 1 mini-cow, and our horse and plow?

We don't mind sharing if we can, but ...
  • family comes first.
  • it's ours to give, and not anyone's right to take.

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Yael said...


Interesting site! I came here looking for tips on canning food. I'm from Sweden and I follow the world situation, please keep posting.

I see you had the swine flu. Did you get the vaccine?

ThrtnWmsFam said...

No, we didn't get the swine flu vaccine. First, not enough has been made to get behind health care workers and those most at risk. Second, I had planned on not getting it anyway, not for me or my 13 yr old. Hubby had decided not to also, but he did get a seasonal flu shot. Third, I had a version of the swine flu a month of so ago, but I guess it had mutated because this bout that affected us all was way different, and too late for the shot. Thanks for asking, and for joining! Vikki