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Storing Foods, Part 2 (nutrition)

Here's part two of our "Storing Foods" info series:

Recap: The reason people store food is to susfain life when you can't go out and buy food. Could be because of money problems, high gas prices, major disasters like hurricanes, etc. We are humans and have to eat, so plan your storage according to (1) nutrition (2) ease of storing (3) cost and (4) variety. Obviously, even thouse nutrition content is very important, the calories involved are also important.

Nutrition: Calories are energy, and we need them for good health and living. Almost everything has calories, but not everything has nutrition.

So... don't load up on high calorie foods like chips and candy bars. Remember, we need the nutrition too. Stock up on all of the food groups: vegetables, fruits, grains, fats, protein and dairy. There really isn't one perfect food that provides all of the food groups, so you'll need to stock up on all the groups. Your food storage must contain items to sustain your life, not give you health problems from nutrition deficits.

More Tomorrow ...

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