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Suggestions for No-Cook Foods

Earlier, we wrote a posting about using a propane camping stove indoors. We received a comment that asked ... "Any thoughts of foods that should be stocked in case you cannot cook at all? I'm thinking beef jerkey, chipped beef, tuna?"

In case people don't get around to reading our response as a posted comment, here it is:

The beef jerkey, chipped beef and tuna suggestions are good.

Dried fruits and veggies don't HAVE to be reconstituted - just be sure to drink plenty of liquids with them to avoid constipation. Vienna sausages. Nuts/seeds. Canned fruits. Rice cakes and crackers. MREs. Granola bars. Cereal (make milk from powdered OR use apple juice OR eat dry). Kippers, sardines, oysters, clams (near the tuna). Spam. Deviled ham. Protein bars. Protein drinks or powder. Juice boxes. Instant gatorade/drinks/hot cocoa.

Of course, fresh fruits and veggies - raw.

At the dollar store, we buy little tuna-kits, and chicken-salad-kits (bumble bee brand) - they come with pre-made salad and crackers. The grocery store also has bigger kits, with a serving of fruit and sometimes a mint. No refrigeration needed for these.

Son ate a spoonful of peanut butter last night because he was still hungry. Actually, he does this pretty often. Ok, we do too. Only a spoon to wash!

All of these things are good, too, for your 72-hour kit or Bug-Out-Bag. Really... anything that you can just open the packaging and eat straight. There's probably several items in your storage and/or pantry right now.

Now... what are other ideas for foods you can store that don't involve cooking and letting people know you have food?

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