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I haven't made candles since I was a little girl. My mother would gather the supplies and then us three girls (I'm the middle kid) would help in the kitchen. She had a special pot for melting, another for dipping and pouring. We would use cans from food like tuna or soup, suspending the wick with a pencil. We color them with those bars you scrape, and sometime scent them peppermint or cinnamon. This was usually a winter project when we'd be snowed in. I felt so proud to have created something so wonderful. Wonder why I never did it after I grew up?

But now, I want to know how to again. It's important that I be able to make candles. Last Fall we went shopping at Hobby Lobby, and luckily they were having a sale. We came away with quite an assortment of supplies.

First, we got a kit (Candle Creations - a Candle Making Machine). I know I know ... that's cheating. Yes, a little. But I want to re-learn the basics before I experiment.

So, in addition to the kit, we got block wax, bees wax, soy wax, color, scents, wicks, molds and more. We haven't had a chance to experiment yet but hopefully in the next month or so.

Actually, we plan on this being a family project, to add to our list of "specialties". At our next (and final) home, we plan on having several bee hives for honey and wax. We'll have a lot of bayberry bushes for bayberry wax. We hope to figure out how to make wax from soy. And so, when the need arises, we'll be able to make candles at any time.

I loved making candles. Hope I can remember how.

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