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Farm Animals: Miniature Cattle

We would love to have a small herd of cattle on our future property, but regular sized animals eat a lot, and need lots of water. The more the cattle eat, the more hay we need to grow, harvest and store. We want to be self-sufficient, so it makes sense to have something smaller.

After researching, we found out the following about miniature cattle:
  • Most mini cows are under 41 inches tall.
  • Miniature cattle offer a great opportunity for kids to take care of and train an animal.
  • Beef type animals (Hereford, Dexter, and Lowline Angus) provide an opportunity to raise organic beef without a huge investment in equipment or feed.
  • However... Dexters come the most highly recommended. They are rugged, hardy cattle. They are naturally small but not really a "miniature" so they don't have some of the same problems that overbred mini's have. They make great milk and meat, great moms, and have dog-like personalities. Dexter bulls are as easy to handle as ponies.
  • I read somewhere that a mini cow provides as much milk as a regular-sized cow. And natural milk (organic, hormone/antibiotic-free, and unpasteurized) provides great nutrition.
  • These are perfect for a small petting zoo. They are small enough for youngsters to pet and not be intimidated.
We're thinking about 5-10 Dexter cows and one bull? We'd get plenty of milk for cheese, yogurt and ice cream, fertilizer, weed/grass "mower" and "brush-clearer", and beef, plus possible extra "babies" to sell.

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