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Off-Topic - Another Rant About The Octuplet Mom

Only my opinion ... feel free to ignore if you'd like ...

Rant beginning... building... and exploding...

Okay okay so people, including me, have been talking almost non-stop about this Nadya chick who (allegedly) decided living without children and lots of babies wasn't worth living. She (allegedly) squandered a legal settlement on various procedures instead of doing something responsible, like contributing to her housing expenses. Each in vitro procedures costs (it has been reported) about $10,000. The 8 babies were born prematurely at 30 weeks on January 26 2009.

No, I'm not jealous but gotta say .... I'm really ticked. My tween is 12. I want another one, a baby with my new hubby. Have been trying and trying (just ask Hubby! wink wink nudge nudge) since we got engaged Nov 2006 with no luck. I have health insurance but they won't pay for any fertility treatments, or even hormones for me. I'm old. They sure as heck won't implant me! We can't afford both the in vitro AND to care adequately for the child ... therefore, if we don't get preggers naturally, it ain't happening. We're responsible people.

Or... are we? You know... just thinking here... maybe I could get a settlement from an old car accident or from when a so-called friend stole my identity about 6 years ago or maybe **I** could get caught in a mental institution riot (just teasing!) - then I could go on food stamps and use the settlement to pay for the in vitro.

Why not? Someone else did it!

Question: even though all of "her embryos" are now all used up (well, how else should I put it?), what's to stop her from doing this again? Is anyone going to make sure she becomes responsible, stop the regular manicures and start paying her own way for everything? Does she have any money in the bank? What about the rumor about some couple inviting her and her children to their farm? What about all the reports about the money she's made on interviews, selling photo ops, etc ... where is all of that money? Any gone to the hospital yet? What about her alleged dream about becoming a child care expert and being paid for her information, opinion, etc.?

(No offense but I wouldn't listen to thing she had to tell me about baby-raisin'!)

I read the transcript of her Dateline interview where she said she may not be able to provide for her children, but that (basically) don't care. "They don't feel as though we're struggling." Huh? Of course not ... they don't care about petty little things like that when they are STRUGGLING for their lives! Then she says: "I'll stop my life for them and be present with them. And hold them. And be with them. And how many parents do that? I'm sure there are many that do, but many don't. And that's unfortunate. That is selfish." How DARE she! Many many many parents hold and hug their children - my Tween still gets hugs and kisses at bedtime. Not that bedtime is the only time, but other times, well, they are just embarrassing ... "ah mah-am"!

I also heard that she's planning on (temporarily) using student loans to help care for the children - isn't that against the rules? How on earth did she qualify for student loans, especially in this economy, when she was obviously too pregnant to attend classes, and now will be way to busy (for the next 5-6 YEARS) to attend school? Someone needs to talk to that lender and set them straight. But wait a minute ... she's received student loans for classes, but couldn't attend since, what, November or December? So how is she going to pay for those classes that she already got loans for?

If she's this irresponsible now, what kind of imprinting is she going to be doing to those 14 children? Do we know yet if the 8 new babies will need extra special care for disabilities?

Can someone legally protect the sperm donor? He should NOT be held accountable for HER decisions. I sure hope he had papers drawn up and did it all nice and legal so he would NOT be responsible for any of these children. He didn't expect this and doesn't want it. Er, right?

The book deals and paid interviews and other business propositions are just feeding this woman's need for fame. Why is it going on?

ok... rant over... kinda...

As for the former p.r. rep, Joann Killeen... she shouldn't receive death threats for doing her job. That just seems wrong.

I don't begrudge these beautiful babies their lives. They are here. They did nothing wrong. They are fighting for their very lives... and they deserve a good chance at having amazing lives. Can their mother provide this? Realistically?

How does this relate to this website? It doesn't really... except with wondering how could such a thing happen in today's economy?

ok... NOW I'm done!


Anonymous said...

You go girl! I second that opinion. One of the reasons we, as a country, are in such a mess is greed, people don't want to work for a living they want it handed to them. I wonder how much money taxpayers have paid for this person and all the illegal aliens for healthcare, food stamps, etc. This is just not right.
See, you got me started now. When TEOTWAWKI really happens what are all these people that are use to getting a check and food stamps going to do? Scary thought.
Thanks for all you are doing to get us on the right track. Mimi

Michelle said...

Love this blog! I was excited about finding it because of the self suffeciency advice. Our goal is to be able to take care of ourselves and our daughter by ourselves without interference from ANYONE including umm those up on the hill!

Once I got into reading about the Octi Mom rant girl I have to give you a very serious ^5! I completely agree! I really feel like someone needs to evaluate her mental status with the choices that she is making. Of course as long as the gov. is determined to allow people to become more and more dependent on them the more we are going to see this happening. People need to be held accountable for their own personal decisions. Of course I'm about to get off on my own rant and this isn't the place for a political rant! Keep up the great blogging and I am looking forward to reading more!