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Inexpensive Ideas for Romance

S.O. = Significant Other

Whether you're stuck in the house because of a blizzard, watching your pennies because of the economy, or just stuck for ideas on how to show you love someone, here's a few ideas to show you care:
  • start your significant other's car in the morning so it will be warm when s/he goes out to drive to work
  • write an "i care so much for you" on a sticky note and place it inside your s.o.'s lunchbox or briefcase
  • wrap up a small gift or note and place it in your s.o.'s favorite box of cereal
  • call a restaurant near where you s.o. lives and have them deliver a snack or lunch to your s.o. at work, better yet... take a picnic yourself! doesn't have to be intricate - cheese and crackers, a little olive salad, homemade bread, fresh fruit salad, etc.
  • serve breakfast in bed with a flower and poem - could be just a bowl of cereal or a piece of toast plus a scrambled egg
  • hold the chair for her as she sits down at the table
  • decorate a christmas ornament especiall for her and give it to her for the holidays
  • drip chocolate or dab whipped cream on your lover and lick it off
  • surprise your s.o. with a kiss and hug before s/he can finish a sentence
  • take the tv and computer out of the bedroom, and decorate to make your bedroom a boudoir!
  • cook dinner for your s.o. before she gets home - fancy if you can, simple and sweet if you can
  • turn on the stereo instead of the tv and listen to some smooth jazz
  • prepare a bath for your s.o. - a few flower petals, some scented oil or bath salts, soft music, light candles - no kids.
  • talking about kids - take them out for a day so your s.o. can take a nap, take a bath, read a magazine!
  • get a small bottle, place in a love letter, and float it in the bath of your s.o.
  • call your s.o. at work and say - hello beautiful - can i take you to your favorite place tonight?
  • write an i.o.u. for a million kisses and place it in a lunchbox or briefcase
  • write in a pretty journal quotes and thoughts about love. give it, wrapped in a pretty bow, for no special occasion
  • write "i love you" in a stick of butter or with noodles
  • stay up late, talking about your feelings - yes, your feelings
  • have matching pillowcases monogramed with your names and a heart
  • buy a small piece of jewelry or inexpensive earrings and place them in her jewelry box then patiently wait for her to notice.
  • go windowshopping and make mental notes of what s/he likes then get something for the next "just because" day
  • recreate your first date
  • bake a brownie in the shape of a heart
  • assuming there's no kids around, leave a trail of clothes from the front door to the bed, lite candles in the bedroom
  • dress your little dog in a cupid's outfit
  • write a sticky note with a love poem and place it on her bathroom mirror where she can't miss it. don't write on the mirror - who will clean it up?
  • toss a coin in a fountain together and make a wish
  • hide a note in a pants pocket
  • never say "i told you so" or bring up the same old arguments again and again
  • make a point to go to bed early, and spend 30 minutes or so just talking , telling secrets, fears, hopes, or something you've never told anyone from your childhood.
  • send a love e-mail
  • pick up a favorite potted plant instead of roses - then when it's farm, plan tit in the garden. try something like a blueberry or raspberry bush, or squash or tomato seedling
  • take a family stroll after dinner, with you two holding hands or arm-in-arm
  • make love on a blanket in your garden
  • turn to your s.o. and say "i'm so thankful you are in my life"
  • invite your s.o.'s mom over for a special dinner to say thank you for bring my s.o. into my life
  • warm your s.o.'s bath towel in the dryer
  • save the little papers from hershey kisses and give them to be redeemed for kisses - this can go back and forth until they disintegrate!
  • change a diaper without being asked
  • prepare a list and surprise your s.o. by grabing some groceries on the way home from work - be sure to get the brands your s.o. buys
  • make a big pot of your s.o.'s favorite tea
  • prepare your s.o.'s favorite comfort food the next time he/she is feeling down
  • hold hands in front of the TV instead of holding on to a beer
  • cut a child's sandwich into a heart shape
  • place heart stickers on a banana and place it into a lunch box or briefcase
  • take out the trash without being asked
  • clean the kitchen counter without being asked
  • do a load of laundry without being asked ... you get the idea!
  • here's the last suggestion, and one we're doing as a couple - we're going to go to the card section at Wal-Mart, choose valentine's cards (probably musical ones) and say to each other - here's your card! We'll look, we'll play them, we'll laugh, we'll hug and kiss, then we'll put them back.... cheap, yes, we know, but we love the musical cards and just can't afford them this year.
The truth is, romance is doesn't have to be expensive or a huge gesture. Just show you care. Show you think about the other person often.

Remember, you don't need a special day like Valentine's Day to show you love or care for someone, or to inject a little romance in your life.

Enjoy today!

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