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Inventory Check - Cooking Oil

Coming up with an alternative for pan-spray and cooking oil is hard. So...

First, we're stocking up. We buy about 2 gallons of olive oil and 2 gallons of vegetable oil per month from Sam's. Good deal, and the oils that we use the most. We also get almond and other "flavored" oils when we see them on sale. Almond oil is great for making a bland cookie fantastic.

Second, we stock up on pan spray whenever we see it discounted. Of course, this doesn't have the staying power than oil does, but still.

Third, we're hoping that by the time TSHTF, we'll have our mini-cows and goats producing butter, and that we'll have nuts from our soon-to-be-planted almond trees to make our own oil from almonds and also sunflowers. We have also heard of miniature olive trees that actually produces edible olives. Wonder if we would have enough room for enough trees to make growing them worth it?

Anyway... check your stock. Do you have enough to last a while?

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