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Recipes that have Dried vs Fresh, and Healthy vs Fattening

Someone recently asked why most of our recipes use dried onions and other preserved ingredients instead of fresh. Fresh onions, etc. are available right now.

Thought I'd post our thoughts about it.

The goal of this blog is to provide as many recipes as possible that people can make using their stored foods. Of course, if you have fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, onions, etc. from your garden, please use them! So much better for you. But we're creating recipes to have on hand when you're stuck inside for a long period of time and don't have access to fresh produce or meat.

Usually, when we say 1/2 cup dried onion dices, once rehydrated, that 1/2 cup will equal about 1 cup of fresh onion dices.

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Another person commented that some of our recipes aren't exactly healthy or diet conscious. Absolutely true. This isn't a diet blog, although some recipes ARE healthy.

Think about this: You're confined to your home by mandated curfew while the asian bird flu rages in your town or country. Will you really be counting calories and fat grams, concerned that you aren't eating a fresh green salad every day, or will you be eating what's easiest to prepare and most comforting? I really think if such a thing were to happen, people would not emerge three or six months later fatter than they went in. If you are concerned... how about... planning to walk in place for 3 sessions of 15 minutes a day as part of your entertainment while confined?!

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Hope this clears up a couple of things.

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Added Feb 8 2008 at 7:00 p.m.: We do eat pretty healthy here at home. We eat a lot of "snack meals" - dried fruits and veggies, cans of no-sugar-added fruits, raw veggies from our garden when we can, rice cakes and rice crackers, dry roasted soybeans, raw cashews, salads, rice, potatoes, homemade gluten-free bread, and more. We just figure most people would get bored hearing about our "snack meals". Vikki

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