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Building Codes

All the recent posts about alternative housing construction has brought to mind a question: if we want to just start digging a hole and create an "underground" home that no one knows about, would we get in trouble with our county's building code?

Researching our local code says yes, we have to get approval from our city to have anything that is bigger than 10 feet squared and has a roof. Do you know what yours says?

So basically, unless we do it way out in the boonies and camoflauge our construction from satellite and on-ground prying eyes, we have to have permission from the government to do anything on the property that we paid for. That we own.

Doesn't seem very fair, does it?

The purpose of this post is to remind you that before you start building that log cabin, sand-bag dome or digging that underground cave, you need to find out (as quietly and subtlely as you can) what your local government office has to say about it. Chances are, it's a lot.

Another few thoughts:
-do you need "permission" to place a "sheds" (even pre-builts) on your property
-do you need "permission" to place a "barn" on your property
-do you need "permission" to dig a hole for a buried trash can
-do you need "permission" to make an outhouse

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