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Using Stored Foods in Regular Meals, and Rotating

You have started your Survival Binder right? The one where you have your inventory checks, favorite stored-food-recipes, basic first aid, location of certain documents, etc.?

Here's something you can do when your family has a free afternoon. (I can hear the chuckles now!) Sit down around the dinner table and ask the family to tell you their favorite recipes that you make from stored foods. If you haven't prepared any recipes from ONLY stored foods, get cooking. Let everyone in the family choose a favorite recipe for a dinner meal. Turkey chili. Fried corn-loaves and black bean soup. So on.

Should be the main course, fruit, veggie and grain. Maybe even include dessert!

All ingredients for those meals need to be stored foods, cans of fruits/veggies/meats, boxes of pudding mix with powdered milk, etc. Make sure it's well balanced, nutritious, and can be slightly altered for changing tastes.

Your goal is to come up with 7 different dinners, and then 14 different dinners. That will give you 14 days, each with a different dinner.

-write down what ingredients you need to make each meal
-shop for the ingredients to make each meal
-bag up the ingredients to make that meal and label (a "dinner bag")
-include the recipe with each bag, if necessary
-label the bag with the Dinner Day #

Do this for each of the 14 days. Pack up another 14 days. And another. That's a month and a half of not needing to plan dinner. Each time you use a "dinner bag", write a reminder to purchase those ingredients the next time you go to the grocery. Then do that, repackage it with the recipe again, and do it all over.

This will let each person in the family have their favorite dinner on a regular basis, while making the planning and preparing very easy for the chief cook!

= = = =

Should you really be ambitious, you can do the same thing for breakfast! Grits and powdered eggs with a can of fruit cocktail? Packets of instant oatmeal with dried strawberries and bananas?

You get the drift.

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