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A Couple of Hard Working Canines. Not.

Thought I'd post updates on our critters. The chihuaua is teaching Puppy new tricks:
  • Like how to eat one morsel of food at a time. Doesn't work for a 30 pound 3 month old Dalmatian-Rottweiler-Alaskan Malamute (Dal-Rotti-Mute for short!) [We feed them in separate rooms now.]
  • Like how to flap his ears for attention (bad habit for a future guard dog who must be quiet while patrolling the grounds!) [Shaking a can with pennies helps a little with the ear-flapping.]

But a good habit he picked up is barking at strangers who pass by our fenced-in yard.

Not so good is he wants to horn in on her arthritis medication. And in return, she tries to get at his food.

We're working hard to make sure he doesn't keep any of these bad habits, but does keep the good ones. And we're doing "basic training" regularly - sit, stay, stop licking my foot, etc.

This picture was taken on March 7 ... just 10 days ago ... when the puppy is just 12 1/2 weeks old. Look at the difference in their sizes! The puppy is now three times the size of the chihuahua. And wow - he's smart - he puts his toys away which is more than I can say for the VHTS!

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