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Gardening Grinds to a Crawl - Could you Donate?

I just found out I have bursitis. My shoulder started hurting me last Summer, and I thought nothing of it, but has been steadily worsening. I can barely move my right shoulder, and I am right-handed.

A traumatic MRI showed bursitis. Often brought on by repetitive motions, like gardening.

I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get Hubby and VHTS to step up and do some gardening. Assuming we get our new homestead land soon. Surely I can do the container gardening by myself! Slowly. With no lifting. Add in some anti-inflammatory medications, and I might be ok!

Just thought I'd let you know.

While I'm at it... wondering how many of our readers have a physical problem that hinders full participation in your homesteading?

= = = = =

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