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How to Make Fire-Starters

Here are a few ways you can make "fire-starters" - useful tools when you are depending on a fire to get you warm and feed you.

Method #1: You need:

Cut newspaper into 4 inch strips and roll them up tight. Tie the rolls with twine leaving about 2 inches of twine for dipping into paraffin wax or melted reserved candle wax. Dip the whole thing into the wax. Store. Use the twine as a wick to light. These are light and easy to carry.

Method #2: You need:
Dryer Lint
Egg Carton

Directions: Gather lint from your dryer. Take your paper (not styrofoam) egg carton. Cover the bottom of each egg carton section with lint. Melt wax (safely!). Pour the wax into each egg carton section that has lint in it. Once the wax has harden, break apart, and store. When ready to use, light the carton section and place in the tinder you've arranged where you want your fire. The carton will burn through to the lint and the wax will keep it going. These are also light and easy to carry.

Note: There's a little controversy about the above method, because clothes these days are made with so many artificial fibers. Some people are concerned using lint from these non-natural fiber clothing could create bad fumes when burning these fire starters. Use your own judgement.

Method #3: You need:
Toilet paper roll cardboard

Stuff the cardboard roll with wadded newspaper - not too tightly so that air can get in. Place within the tinder and light. These take up a bit more room so they are better for at-home use.

Method #4: You need:
-empty clean tuna can

Wash and dry the can. Cut long pieces of cardboard about 1 1/2 inches wide (wide enough to fit in the can with a little above). Roll these pieces into tight spirals. Pour the empty cans about half full of melted wax. Carefully add the cardboard spirals and let the wax set. There should be enough cardboard showing above the can to light. This is a method I learned in girl sprouts! These are a little more bulky but have always been reliable for me.

Other Methods:
-dried pine needles
-crumpled up newspaper
-dryer lint by itself
-pine cones lightly dipped in wax
-craft sticks/popsicle sticks
-unraveled twine

Store a couple different fire-starters in your bug-out-bag or camping supplies. Better to not put "all your eggs in one basket". Remember to store your supplies where moisture can't get to them. These should last quite a while, and are usually very reliable.

NOTE: When melting wax, only use a double boiler set up. Melted wax can easily ignite.
Have a fire extinguisher handy in case of emergency.

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