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Recipe: Pocket Potatoes

I found these mentioned in one of the "Little House" books, and looked up how it was actually done. They didn't use foil (just roasted in coals), but here's an adapted version for modern days:

white potatoes or sweet potatoes
aluminum foil
roaring fire

Clean potato and wrap in foil. Scrape some of the fire's coals to the side, and bury the potatoes in them. Turn occasionally. Cook about 45 minutes (you may see some steam come out). Check by poking with a clean sharpened twig or knife - the middle will be soft/tender.

Here's the beauty of this. When they are done, don't eat yet. Let them cool just until they can be handled, then slip into your pockets. These used to be hand-warmers. Use while out preparing your garden, or traveling (like they did - horse and buggy), or just out taking a walk. In the 1800's, children who walked those long distances to school would keep one in each pocket to help them stay warm, then eat them for lunch.

Serve with butter, as desired.