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Storing Food vs Eating

I just read this posting at - - great discussion about whether you should eat your stored food, or whether it should be stored until absolutely necessary and needed. Here's a summary:

Brown rice goes bad quickly. Beans get impossible to rehydrate after a while. Pasta gets stale.

When properly stored, white rice, powdered milk, wheat berries, dehydrated veggies and fruit, vacuum-sealed beans, and dried potatoes do well for long term. Canned goods (like fruit cocktail or baked beans) are just fine unless dented and bulging.

So... which side are you on? Do you stock only the basics but you rotate them and eat them regularly so that (1) you can practice preparing/cooking with them and (2) your body gets used to them? OR... do you stock up on the basics and put them away for that special rainy day, while eating "regular food"?

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