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Recipe: Yogurt, Raspberry and Honey

Sometimes I find yogurt on sale at King Soopers, with an orange sticker, marked down 50% and sometimes more. With coupons, there are times when I can get ready-to-be-expired yogurt for practically nothing!

I noticed that raspberries are on sale this week at King Soopers, buy one get one free, save $4.99 so basically 2 clamshells is $5.00, or $2.50 each. You're only using about 1/4 of a clamshell, so...

yogurt (vanilla preferred)
raspberries (or berries of choice)

Dish out the yogurt, using a pretty little teacup with saucer. Carefully wash the raspberries, and add 4-5 to the teacup, and a couple on the saucer. Drizzle a little honey all over.

Or you could serve as in the picture above.

Simple, healthy, cheap, and delicious.

Copyright (c) 2009 V P Lawrence-Williams

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