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Recipe: Blueberry Jam or Preserves

Blueberries are so cheap this week so I'm buying lots. I don't have time to make jam this weekend (since we're getting the house ready to sell and move) but I'll freeze as many as I can afford to buy. I'll make the jam after the house is ready to put on the market. This recipe will make a big batch.

4 1/2 cups crushed fresh (or frozen) blueberries
2 tablespoons lemon juice
7 cups of sugar
2 pouches of Certo fruit pectin

12 8-ounce jars with lids, sterilized
20 4-ounce jars with lids, sterilized

Prepare the jars (boil 10 minutes). Prepare fruit in a large (5+ quart) pan on the stove. Add lemon juice and sugar. Mix well. Bring to full bubbling boil and stir constantly while mixing for 5 minutes over high heat. Add the Certo to the mixture and boil for another minute, stirring constantly. Move from heat; skim off foam, then quickly (while boiling hot) ladle into the prepared jars. Wipe the rims and add lids, screwing on tightly. Turn upside down for 5 minutes (to help move the bubbles around) then turn back upright. Let set for 1 hour, cooling.

Seal each jar with paraffin when the jam is cool.

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Anonymous said...

According to the latest info on jelly making from my local Extension Service, using paraffin to seal jelly is a NO NO!! Their advice is to leave the lids on - you can remove the band if desired. This avoids any little air holes or shrinkage which would allow for spoilage.