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Fridge Food

Well... we terminated the contract to sell the house. The buyer's mortgage-people lied about the financing being in place, and since we were already out of contract for about a week (2 deadlines not met), and since we couldn't trust this buyer's team, we killed the deal. We went back on the market as of Friday afternoon, so we're back to showing the house, sometimes at a moment's notice.

So... here's what we ate today:

-yogurt (kid had goat, Hubby/I had greek)
-apples (shared with Hubby, me, kid and our bunny)

-rice crackers

-carrots (shared with Hubby, incl bunny!)
-deli turkey with gf bread for kid, bagel for me
-hubby had chicken/broc pot pie

Guess we're eating on the fly again. It's too late to do this tonight, but tomorrow after showings are done, I'll put some white navy beans, bacon, onion and later tomato sauce in the crockpot so we'll have them cooked to eat the next day. Always have them stored!

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TheSurvivalMom said...

I SO remember the days of having to show our house on a moment's notice. At the time my kids were just 2 and 5. Boy, was that stressful, but I was a bit younger, too! Good idea for keeping your meals super quick and easy. The last thing you want it to have a messy kitchen and get a call from a realtor!