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Individual Packets Important

I was browsing Sam's Club this morning, especially the food section. I noticed, in the spice and condiment aisle that there were boxes of individual packets of mayonnaise, etc. That got me thinking. Even tho the price is a bit high for individual servings of various condiments, like mayo, ketchup, mustard, lemon juice, etc.... they might actually be a good idea to store.

I like the big bottles of lemon juice, but what if we should lose electricity and thus, refrigeration? How could we keep the bottle of lemon juice fresh without keeping it cool. (Found this link - check it out: )
Remember - using a citrus juice like lemon or lime will "cook" meat and fish. Might come in handy, but then, a bigger bottle would probably be necessary.

Has anyone else stored individual packets of condiments?


Preparedness Pro said...

I love the small codniment packets -- that way you don't need to crack open a new thing of Miracle Whip and risk wasting it (unless you're feeding an army). They will definitely come in handy, particularly in a long term power outage, or if you're on food. What would be easier to carry? A huge bottle of ketchup or a few small packets?

TheSurvivalMom said...

You know you're a hard-core food storage person when you ask for 25 ketchup packets for one bag of french fries! LOL