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Mylar vs Seal-a-Meal

Question: has anyone done cost-comparison and effectiveness-comparison between using mylar bags and vacuum sealing with seal-a-meal?

I just called Seal-A-Meal and the lady who answered the phone didn't have any info comparing seal-a-meal to mylar bags. She'd never heard of them. But stated that foods should follow the guidelines in seal-a-meal product booklet:

Cereal - 6-12 months
Coffee, ground - 1-2 years
Flour - 1-2 years
Nuts - 1-2 years

That doesn't seem like a long time. I really need more information.


Just talked with the lady's supervisor, Sheila, and she said that as long as you get all of the air out, dry goods properly sealed in a seal-a-meal bagging could last 5-7 years! Thanks, Sheila.

A side note: I will use oxygen absorbers, not in the seal-a-meal bags but 10-15 per 4-gallon bucket. Well, I guess I'm gonna be sealin'-my-meals when I'm over this flu!

Question: Will a seal-a-meal machine seal mylar bags?

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As a side-note, I've broken down and am ordering 26 4-gallon square buckets with lids. I chose 26 so that I can pack 2-weeks worth of food in each - from rice, beans, peas, lentils, gluten-free pancake mix and pastas, dried fruit, spices, tea, powdered milk and eggs, etc. We received a seal-a-meal as a wedding present, and, barring a relapse of the flu, will start unpacking boxes, organizing our food stores, and sealing up 2 weeks at a time.


Rebecka said...

We have a food saver and I do use it to seal my mylar bags. I also make my own soup mixes, bread mixes etc. and put them in food saver bags. Then all I have to do is open a bag, pour in the crockpot, add leftover meat and fill with water when I don't feel well, so we can still eat easily. My grown daughter even asked for these mixes to be on her Christmas list.

ThrtnWmsFam said...

That's a great idea, Rebecka. Thanks.

Good to know that the seal-a-meal can seal mylar bags too.


JourneytoSimplicity said...

Be careful using too many oxygen absorbers in a bucket. I'm not positive, but I think I read that you can actually end up damaging your bucket with too many absorbers.

Thanks for the great posts!


Anonymous said...

I seal mylar with my clothes iron. Just lay edge of bag on a wood cutting board and press lightly with iron on medium. Any method (02 absorbers or seal-a-meal) of removing the air is good. But even without air, foods with high oil (nuts) content shouldn't be kept long. If you use seal-a-meal to close mylar bags, you may want to make it release sooner than it does by itself, because mylar just doesn't need as much heat.