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Tummy Trouble Foods

Have you heard of the BRAT diet?


This is recommended when you have stomach problems, like nausea and diarhea. Since the swine/H1N1 flu causes these problems, you should make sure your food stores include:
  • Bananas (fresh for immediate use, or dried or jarred baby food for long term storage)
  • Rice (instant, long cook, rice cakes, etc. - NO pilaf or other ingredients that could harm delicate stomachs)
  • Applesauce (jarred or individual servings, make sure natural, with no sugar added, no fruit flavors, etc.)
  • Toast (freeze or refrigerate bread to eat plain, plain soda crackers for long term storage)
If milk products "stop you up", then feel free to eat some plain yogurt or simple cheese on toast or soda crackers.


DayPhoto said...

The work you are doing on your blogs is very good.

Thank you


Trashdigger said...

when the missus has upset tummy some rosemary and cardamom tea some broc/cheese soup and GInger Ale makes her better

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better. Am worried since you have not written anything for a few days. A simple "I'm Alive" would be nice. GRITS