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Storing Food Against Pests

First, I was supposed to have knee surgery yesterday, Friday, but didn't. I had a lump in my mouth that needed a biopsy. Taking that piece out gave me a bad infection on top of what turned out to already be an infection (not cancer, thank god). So, to avoid the infection going through my bloodstream and into my newly sliced knee, we post-poned the surgery until two weeks from now.

Can hardly wait to be able to walk again!

But... this post is about storing your foods.

On Tuesday my son informed me that he was out of cereal. Oh no! Tragedy! I vaguely remembered that I had packed some stuff downstairs, so we clumped down where I had two metal trashcans (with lids) tucked away. The first one bore four packages of cereal, two of which he would eat! SCORE! No mice had attacked because the lid was on tightly. But boy howdy it was stale!

Lesson 1: Remember where you store your food, and what is there.

Lesson 2: Rotate your food!

Lesson 3: Metal trash cans with lids are a good storage system, for some things. We have quite a few in our garage that we store our livestock's feed in. Mice do not get in those either.

Lesson 4: Glass jars.

So, you bring home food, like packages of beans and peas and pasta, and you place the package intact in a tub or bucket. Close a lid on it, and your done.

That could be good for long term storage, but what do you do when you bring it out to use? Keep it in it's original packaging and place it on your pantry shelf?

Please don't.

Go to your local ACE Hardware Stores and ask where the canning jars are. You should be canning anyway. Get as many half-gallon jars as they have, and order more. My kitchen pantry is filled with half-gallon jars, with the Ball plastic lids. Easy to open yet bugs canNOT get in there. Neither can mice.  Keeps the pasta, beans, peas, cereal, grains, etc safe and you can easily see how much is left.


...doesn't the plastic packaging bother you? What is that stuff anyway? Do we really want the plastic leaching into our food and into our bodies? If we are in an emergency situation, we need every morsel of food and every drop of liquid to be super-healthy for our bodies.


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