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Winter Weather in the Spring, and Gardening

Here it is, March 13, and season Spring is only 7 days away. Yet, we are recovering from more snow from Tuesday, and still have more snow on the way.

We live near Denver, CO, on the eastern plains. Technically, this is desert area, but don't tell Mother Nature that! While our summers are usually very hot and dry, we can have super cold winters with precipitation. Snows have been known to fall as late as May, which gives us a really short growing season, about 90 days.

I am itching to get into the garden.

My 17 year old autistic son had two brain surgeries last May for epilepsy. A lot changed about him afterwards. He is 1/4 blind in each eye. He talks slower. And his appetite changed!

For the first time ever, he likes raspberries (hence, we are planting more bushes this year, including yellow raspberries). And he tried snow peas last month. At the time, he said he didn't hate them. But on Monday, when I asked him what one vegetable, besides carrots, does he want us to grow in the garden thsi year, he said snow peas! Who knew!

So I ordered from my go-to heirloom seed place, Baker Creek ( three peas: snow peas, fresh-eating table peas, and blue peas that dry on the vine to store for dry-use.

Just (im)patiently waiting for the seeds to arrive.

So... what are you planting in your garden?


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