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Survival for a Disabled Me

I just found out yesterday that my horrible leg and back pain, the tingling, burning, aching, etc.... are caused by severe arthritis in my back. 

The plan is to lose weight (a LOT of it!), eat healthy, exercise, go through physical and water therapy, and if need be, steroid shots.

Chances are thought, because it is so advanced, I might end up in a wheel chair in a few years. While we do only have two acres, it is just too much for me. We live on top of a ridge, so I need to walk down the hills to get to anything, especially the chicken and goat pens.

After a long family discussion last night, we decided to move. Why?
  • Closer to town means closer to doctors and therapies.
  • Being in a less-spread out means we might find some friends for my son. He has none.
  • Maybe we can find a house near a YMCA so I can continue water therapy on my own, and my son can get exercise in the pool too! Maybe there might even be a rock climbing wall..
  • Maybe we can find a house near a library so my special needs son can get a job shelving books. He is obsessed with things being in the right order.
  • Even if we just 1/2 an acre, we can still have chickens, turkeys and maybe 2 mini-nubian goats.
  • If I have 9 4x8 raised beds for annual veggies, that's 288 SF of veggies. Plenty of room. Doesn't count tomatoes (in pots), fruit and nut trees, berry brambles, a raised bed herb garden, and raised beds for rhubarb and asparagus.
  • I prefer dehydrating so as long as a I have my choppers, dehydrators, seal-a-meal and so forth, I will do just fine putting away food.
  • Assuming Hubby or friends can help, I might still be able to can jams, salsa, pickle relish and on and on.
  • Hoping to make a decent profit on our current farm to install solar panels on our new home.
So many other things to think about. Yes, we're giving up our privacy and will be surrounded by people AND will be easier to get to for raiding, but, well, let's just say I'll convince robbers with a bit of lead.

Can you think of other ways I can prep as a person who won't be able to walk for too much longer?

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