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Snow Last Week!

Today is September 15. Not even Autumn yet, and still, this past Friday, it snowed. Yes, snow. Here in the Denver, CO area.  Big fat flakes, frigid temperatures, long johns, the works.

Were we ready?  Let's see:
-Propane for hot water and furnace? Check.
-Firewood for fireplace? Check.
-Water stored in case of an outage? Check.
-Food? Check.
-Extra feed for the poultry? Check
-Winter clothes? Check
-Vehicles gassed up? Check
-Batteries for flashlights and lamp oil/wicks for lamps? Check
-Potted tomatoes and other moveable veggies inside? Check
-Hoses for watering drained and inside? Uh, ooops.

See...we did almost everything we needed to do. Yeah, we could use more water and food, and probably batteries, but for the most part, we were ready for Winter to start in the Summer.

Alas, the cold weather lasted only two days (Thursday and Friday).  Yesterday, Sunday, we were back in the high 80's.  The tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and other garden veggies that I couldn't bring inside did NOT die so we're hoping to harvest still more before the next round of cold weather.

The Farmer's Almanac says we're going to have a horrible, cold, wet and long winter.  Do you know yet what you expect for your location? If it is going to be rough, are YOU ready?

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