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Baking Soda

We've been doing a lot of research under the "what if" category. We wondered:

"What if we had to be secluded for a long while and ran out of... baking soda. What would we do?"

The internet, surprisingly, didn't yield much of answer. Yes, we got the chemical composition and how it's made in factories. But not how WE could make it at home, or what we could substitute for it.

Then it hit us. We very rarely use baking soda anyway. We don't use it much in baking. Or cooking. Or cleaning (preferring vinegar that's easier to make).

What do we need to replace it for?

About you ... how often do you use baking soda? Cooking? Cleaning? Other? What would happen if you couldn't restock your supply for, say, a year... what would you do? We'd love to hear your comments.


Patricia said...

Not sure how I'd replace it. I have some old books with old recipes in them--recipes for exactly that kind of stuff, baking soda, natural dyes, etc. I'll see if I can find anything. But baking soda has far more uses than simply in baking. There's lots of people using it for health reasons. I'm not sure (yet) if that's wise, but it is interesting. See Earth Clinic for more on that.

However, as with most things, if you had to do without, you'd adjust.

Great webpage and emphasis, btw. I enjoy it--thank you!

NVG-WmsFam said...

We're looking forward to reading more from you. We are also researching natural dyes, and substitutions for common household/food/mechanics/etc. Did you find anything in your book about baking soda? THANKS! The Williams Family