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List for Foods to Store

What foods should be stored in case of an emergency or disaster? Are you prepared?

We are a small family, with Hubby liking just about everything but is lactose-intolerant, Wife is a picky eater and gets bored easy AND does 99% of the cooking. Son is a VERY picky eater but does great with certain type of snack foods. So, here's what foods we have stored:

Food Group: Orange: Grains/Starches: 6-11 Servings
-Corn Grits (instant and long cooking), Cornmeal/Masa, Corn chips, Popcorn
-Oatmeal (instant and long cooking)
-Pasta (wheat and rice)
-Potatoes (canned, potato flakes, fresh stored in basement, chips)
-Rice and Rice Flour and Rice Crackers

-Soy Flour
-Sweet Potatoes (canned, fresh stored in basement)
-Wheat berries & flour, pizza crust mix, muffin mixes, pancake mix, cake mixes

Only some packages of...


Food Group: Green: Vegetables: 7-9 servings per day
-Artichoke hearts (cans)
-Asparagus (cans + fresh from garden)
-Beets (pickled, in jars)
-Broccoli (dried)
-Cabbage (dried)
-Carrots (dried, fresh from windowsill garden)
-Cauliflower (dried)
-Celery (dried)
-Cucumber (pickled & pickle relish)
-Eggplant (dried)
-Greens (dried spinach, dried parsley, rest are fresh from windowsill garden)
-Mushrooms (dried, canned)
-Okra (frozen)
-Pepper, Hot (dried, canned)

-Pepper, Sweet/Bell (dried, frozen)
-Pumpkin (dried, canned, stored in basement)
-Radish (fresh from windowsill garden)
-Squash, Summer (dried)

-Squash, Winter (dried, and stored in basement)

Food Group: Red: Fruits: 2-4 servings per day
-Apple (dried), Applesauce (jarred)
-Apricot (canned and dried)
-Banana (dried)
-Berries, Strawberry/Blueberry/Blackberry/Raspberry (dried, frozen)
-Cherries (dried, frozen)
-Cranberries (dried, frozen)

-Fruit Cocktail (canned)
-Grape (juice concentrate, dried as raisins)
-Mango (dried)

-Melons (dried, frozen)
-Orange, mandarin (cans and cans and cans...)

-Papaya (dried)
-Peach (canned, dried)
-Pear (canned)
-Pineapple (canned, dried)
-Plum (dried as prune)
-Pomegranate (dried)
-Rhubarb (frozen)
-Tomato (canned, dried, frozen)

Food Group: Yellow: Fats/Oils:
-Honey (lots)
-Molasses, Black Strap

-Oil, almond
-Oil, canola
-Oil, olive (lots)
-Oil, walnut
-Sugar, white/brown

Food Group: Blue: Milk/Dairy Products/Calcium: 3 servings per day:
-Butter (Smart Balance - Frozen) (powdered - dried)
-Cheese (frozen or powdered)
-Cheese, parmesan (green can - lots - powdered)
-Milk (cow, goat, soy, rice: powdered or canned or shelf-stable quarts)

-Sour Cream (powdered)

Food Group: Purple: Meat/Beans/Fish/Nuts/Seeds: 3-5 servings per day
-Bacon (frozen and jarred by Hormel)
-Beans, Soy (dried and frozen)
-Beans/Lentils/Chickpeas (various - dried and canned, incl pork-n-beans)
-Chicken (canned)
-Eggs (dried and later, fresh)

-Ham (canned)
-Peanuts (jarred) and Peanut Butter (powdered and jarred)
-Peas (dried)
-Seafood (tuna, salmon, shrimp, crab, oysters, kippers, etc.: canned/pouches)

-Seeds like sunflower/pumpkin/sesame/flax (jarred, frozen, dried, stored in basement)
-Nuts like walnuts/pecans/cashews (jarred, frozen, dried)

Herbs and Spices:
Dried herbs and spices like basil, dill, mint, turmeric, sage, etc.
Onion (dried and powdered)
Garlic (dried and powdered)
Cinnamon (powder & stick)
Nutmeg (whole)
Parsley (dried)
Pepper (minimal - personal taste)
Salt (lots of 25-pound bags)
Seasoned Salt
Vinegar (mostly apple-cider plus white distilled for cleaning)
Bouillon (various - prefer low sodium)
Baking Powder/Soda
Coffee/Tea/Gatorade powder

BabyFood (we add these to pancakes or cakes, then use the jars as storage:
-sweet potatoes

Mixed Groups/Condiments/Other:
-Various Canned Soups
-Spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, etc.

-Protein Bars / Granola Bars
-Some cereal
-All Vegg Powder (our creation)
-Cans of oriental vegetables
-Mayonnaise, spicey brown mustard, ketchup
-Sweet & sour, soy sauce, teriyaki, etc.
-Kits like tuna-salad+crackers, chicken-salad+crackers, ham-salad+crackers, etc.
-Macaroni and cheese (dried/kits)
-Pie fillings, Gelatin, Instant puddings

This is basically a list of most of what we're storing, although we're probably forgetting something. What about you?

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