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Windowsill Meals

The economy isn't getting any better, and for most people, our gardens have gotten too cold to produce. Did you build a cold frame to keep those lettuces going? Nope? Didn't have a garden? That's ok. It's not too late to grow your Winter salads.
  1. Do you have a windowsill that gets any light? If so, measure it and buy a couple of long planters to fit just so. Or a few planter pots. Don't have a windowsill? Get some planters anyway and while you're at it, hop on down to the Home Depot or Wal-Mart to get a grow (plant) lite to fit one of your lamps.
  2. Fill the planter(s) with good potting soil. Make sure you place something underneath to catch the water from when you get over-zealous with the watering.
  3. Do you have any seeds leftover: lettuce, spinach, kale, etc.? What about carrots, radishes, scallions or parsley? If not, post an ad on a local free-cycle yahoo group or ask around with your friends and family. Perhaps your local hardware or nursery might have some leftover. Or go to Baker Creek ( and order some.
  4. Plant according to packet directions.
  5. Watch, tend and wait. Within 60 days or so, you'll have fresh vegetables or herbs for healthy meals.

Don't be dependent on the grocery store to sell you produce picked from 2 states away, and might possibly be tainted with who-kn0ws-what. Take care of your food needs yourself. Plant an indoor garden! Enjoy!

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