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Cocktail Party Menu Using Stored Foods

You may have read the post title, and thought "HUH?" Think about it. If you're stuck in your home for 2-3 months (some kind of a curfew), and your neighbors want to sneak over to visit, no need to just sit around twiddling your thumbs. Have a party! Sure it might not be incredibly fancy, but it will help with boredom, and lift your mood.

Light some candles. Dress to the nines. Decorate with fancy placemats and silk flowers. Bring out all of those decorations you've stored over the years.

Serve about 4-5 savory bits, and 1-2 sweet treats towards the end (to signify that the party is wrapping up soon). Rule of thumb is 6-8 bites per person per hour of a 2-hour cocktail party where no other food will be served. Always over estimate how much to serve (you'd rather have leftovers than not enough).

Spicy Walnuts - good with martinis
Seafood Skewers - easy and delicious
Black Bean Salsa with Chips
Deviled Ham Spread on crackers
Velveeta Cheese Spread on crackers

Rum Pineapple - no cooking involved
No-Cook Peanut Butter Candy
Packaged mints or hard candies

We recently discovered that our local superstore for liquor/alcohol has the little airplane-sized bottles of almost everything. Sometimes they run specials on the little ones, from 26 cents to $1.99. We bought a bunch - various kinds - and will use next time we have a party. Everyone can choose their drink: from flavored vodkas to kahlua to butter schnapps, whiskey and brandy.

Serve a Party Punch too.

Most cocktail parties are, in our humble opinion, quite stuffy and sedate. However, the purpose of YOUR cocktail party while being enclosed or confined is to alleviate boredom, so kick it up to an actual Par-tay by having some FUN! Get out the board games, Twister, or cards, and have a tournament. Or everyone can bring an instrument so you can have a jam session. Who cares if no one can carry a tune in a bucket, or everyone plays a different song or the same song in a different key? It can be so much fun that your guests might not want to leave.

Er, sorry.

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