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Farm Animals: Bees

Not usually considered farm animals, bees are absolutely necessary to a farm, and they are dying. Called "Colony Collapse Disorder", scientists are puzzled why bees are disappearing at such an alarming rate. That means that we need to do everything we can to provide a home for bees and plants to help them regain their strength and build growing hives.

On our Dream Land, we'll have as many hives as possible, scattered throughout. While we don't have actual bee-keeping experience, we are very willing to learn.

In addition to providing a LOT of fruit and nut trees, berry brambles, vegetables, and flowers to give the bees food, we'll also provide safe living quarters for them. We'll tend them as lovingly as we will all of our other creatures.

In return, the bees will provide us with wax to make candles and honey for sweetener, in addition to, of course, pollinating our crops. Bees are essential to the continuation of the human race as most of our crops require pollination by insects.

Who's with us?

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