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This DTV Changeover

Ok, so we've been required to modify all of our TVs, whether we want to or not, in order to watch any TV at all. Even free TV. Now the date's been changed to sometime in June.

I noticed that the TV Guides (online and in paper) haven't started listing the shows for the additional TV channels (like PBS is not only Channel 6, but is now 6-1, 6-3, 6-5), and Channel 9 is now 9-1 with 9-2 now being a 24-hour weather channel.

Did someone forget about this?

Another Question:
More like a comment... this changeover is ridiculous. We don't have cable TV, sattelite, or anything else except for what our unmodified TV picks up. Now, if we still want our "free" entertainment, we have to pay money for either cable TV or a converter box. In this economy?

What's next... radio UNfree america?

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