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Blueberry Bonanza

My Tween can't handle any chemicals on his food so I buy organic whenever possible. We stopped by King Soopers (Krogers/City Market) to get apples and pears because we were completely out (remember his nickname: VHTS: Very Hungry Tween Son - also known as BottomLess Pit). I noticed the produce stockers were putting up berries: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and yum, blueberries. I chatted with them, and after grabbing the apples and pears (and celery and carrots), examined the berries.

Organic blueberries. Grown in California. 1-Pint Clamshell. $2.50 each. I bought 8 of them, and here it is, 3 hours later, and 2 packages have already been eaten.

We'll be going back tomorrow or this weekend for as many as I can grab. They were sweet and juicy and ripe and ... not at all moldy!

As to the other berries, they had been imported from Mexico, so because produce isn't reliable there, I didn't get any. Just might change my mind tho... $1.00 a pint! Okay, just thinking about them... yep, we'll go get some.

Although we'll eat plenty of fresh berries, we'll also freeze some (for smoothies) and dehydrate others. Be sure to wash first and then completely dry before placing in the dehydrator or freezer.

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