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Alive and Kicking

I had a rebout of the flu and it knocked me flat. Finally feel alive again, but it's a long road. I have kid and Hubby on regimen of goldenseal, echinacea, elderberry, and Vitamins C and D. So far, no symptoms. That's great news!

Ventured to Wally World yesterday where I proceeded to spend most of my check: teas, coffee, gummy Vit D for Kid, soups, canned fruit (for Kid who would eat 1-2 a day if allowed), more fever reducers, spices, hand cleaner, protein bars, canned ham, chafing dish fuel, 10-lb bag of potatoes, and more. While I was there, stubbed and broke the pinky toe on my right foot (I did the left foot in August) and after I got home, burnt myself on the crockpot. I was really dizzy. Side effect from lingering flu.

Hubby went to Sam's Club and got powdered cow's milk. I ordered 2 canisters of powdered rice milk from From Honeyville, I ordered more powdered eggs, dried blackberries and dried blueberries.

I think we're set.

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