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Homemade MREs?

Just a little update on us. We have a tiny farm, just two acres, outside of  Denver, CO.   I am disabled, and awaiting knee surgeries. My hubby works an hour away for pittance. My 17 year old is autistic and ADHD, with epilepsy. He had two brain surgeries in May 2013 but still not sure if they successfully treated his epilepsy.

We have two dogs. We raise chickens (meat, eggs, income, fertilizer, pest control, weed control), royal palm turkeys (meat, income, feathers), and Nubian-cross goats (milk and its products like cheese, income, meat). We have a few fruit bushes and trees but are adding more this year, along with nut trees, oak trees (for when we someday {next year?} get pigs), and sugar maple trees.

We are adding more rhubarb and asparagus, because my asparagus quiches sell like hot cakes! We have a mid sized garden that produces enough for us (fresh, dehydrated, canned) and to sell. Just a tiny storefront by the front door, for when people pick up their eggs, milk and cheese. And other things!

I dehydrate for us (working on a cookbook for homemade healthy MREs) and also sell my homemade MREs. 

Learned how to can last year.  Made some amazing jams with waterbathing, and did meats and veggies with pressure canning. Even did bacon! Yum!

Experimenting with different kinds of homemade bread. Different kinds of goat cheese. Living a cleaner life. A more self-reliant life.

Guess that is about it. 

Be sure to comment below on the things you want he to write about.

Thanks, and be safe.

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