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List of Recipes Using Stored Foods (canned, dried, staples, etc.)

UPDATE: JANUARY 7 2009 : Wow this is a time-consuming list to keep up with..... so... we're going to change the labels on our recipes and blog posting to make searching through this blog a little easier.

This blog posting will be updated every time we post a new recipe that exclusively uses stored foods, like canned goods, bottles of juice, frozen items, dried fruits/veggies, packages and boxes of things like pancake and muffin mixes, and staples like flour, salt, honey, cornmeal, rice, baking soda, yeast, olive oil, etc. Some also include produce like winter squashes and potatoes that store well in a cool dry area.

Some recipes may fit into more than one category. This recipe log was last updated December 18 2008.

Our Posted Recipes:

Breads, Candy, and Desserts:

Condiments, Dips, Drinks, and Other:

Entrees, and Protein (Main) Dishes:

Fruits, Vegetables and/or Side Dishes:

Gluten-Free: Lactose-Free:

Thank you for participating in this blog. Be sure to check back regularly, as we try to upload at least one recipe (sometimes more!) a day.

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